Ronin Venture raises 1,5 MSEK

Ronin Venture raises 1,5 MSEK in financing from a group of four Business Angels. The investors are all active in digital media and some have a history from the iGaming market.

“Up until now we have financed the business ourselves”, says Andreas Fredmark, Chairman of the Board and Business Director of Ronin Venture.

The new funding will help speed the growth of the company and most part of the investment will be used for further product expansion. The work to find B2B clients will accelerate and is an important next step.

“I have known Andreas Fredmark for 10 years and I am a daily user of the Swedish service TVmatchen created by Jens and Alexander. Normally Growth Hackers AB does not invest in start-ups, but this is an opportunity we did not want to miss out on”, says Adam Brandt, founder of Growth Hackers AB.

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