Ronin Sport supplies their innovative solution to the Danish sports market – contributing to the advancement of one of the biggest iGaming industries

Digital sports business Ronin Sport continues its global expansion journey by entering another big sports market in Europe – Denmark.

Swedish Ronin Sports’ purpose is to ensure sports fans get the correct information for watching their favorite team, live, for every game. Whether it be on TV or streaming, their next-generation digital sports guide is on a global expansion journey – and Denmark is the latest destination. 

Ronin is now supplying their innovative solution to the Danish market via one of the major global sports betting groups. The collaboration with Ronin Sport is a significant win for the advancement of sports viewing in Denmark. 

Ronin Sport’s solution is bound to be appreciated by Danish sports viewers. Data shows that Danish households have increased spending on paid streaming over the past few years. By 2022, roughly 4 million people are watching live broadcasts of sports events in this region. Having an innovative solution for live updated timetables is sure to improve their overall sports experience.

We are excited about launching our product in Denmark. We hope we can add value to passionate sports fans who follow their sport on TV or stream, says Alexander Simeonidis, COO and one of Ronin Sports’ founders.

The Nordic countries show a high interest in OTT streaming, as it represents a third of the total pay subscriptions in the region, against less than 18% in the rest of Western Europe*.
As is the case with most of their European neighbors’ football is the biggest sport in Denmark in terms of viewership. Domestically they have close to 1600 football clubs that employ over 320,000 people.

Europe has recorded accelerated rates of iGaming participation in recent years. Sweden, Denmark, and Norway were ranked at the top in this category. Despite the country’s small size, Denmark’s iGaming market is second only to Sweden, with the most recent figures showing a total market revenue of approximately 75 million euros. Ronin’s solution is primed to be a welcome addition to the sports betting side of the country’s prospering IGaming market; their digital service will cover 14 sports in over 30 channels in Denmark.

We have a mission to help sports-related digital businesses to be more successful and provide an excellent user experience for their end users, says Alexander Simeonidis, COO of Ronin Sport.

For more information, please contact:

Alexander Simeonidis,, +46 702 36 60 00

About Ronin Sport

Ronin Sport is a digital service that collects and refines TV-related information into high-quality sport TV data that is offered as various customized products to Sports Betting operators, media companies, and affiliates.

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