Ronin Sport collaboration with NTM Media Group

Ronin Sport collaboration with NTM Media Group

We want to share a recent milestone – our collaboration with Norrköpings Tidningars Media AB (NTM) went live on September 15th, 2023! Our widget is now seamlessly integrated, allowing NTM to effortlessly promote local sports broadcasts on their media sites.

📺 Local Sports and Teams, Simplified:

With our widget, NTM Media Group can easily highlight local sports content and keep their audience informed about where to catch major league games on a national level.

🚀 Features for Success:

Customized Promotion: NTM can tailor promotions for their local sports events.

National Visibility: Showcase national broadcasts of local major league team games.

Audience Engagement: A user-friendly tool to connect with sports enthusiasts.

🤝 Why it Matters:

This collaboration reflects our shared commitment to enhancing the sports-watching experience. By providing NTM with tools to seamlessly promote their sports content, we’re excited to contribute to a more engaging local sports scene.

🙏 A Thank You to NTM:

Our sincere thanks to NTM Media Group for choosing us as their partner. Together, we look forward to making waves in the world of sports media, bringing communities together and celebrating the essence of local sports on a broader stage.

Stay tuned for updates as we continue this exciting journey!

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For more information, please contact:

Alexander Simeonidis,, +46 702 36 60 00

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