Ronin Sport supplies their innovative solution to the most extensive global sports market

Ronin Sport supplies their innovative solution to the most extensive global sports market

Digital sports business Ronin Sport continues its global expansion journey by entering the most extensive global sports market – the USA.

Swedish Ronin Sports’ purpose is to ensure sports fans get the correct information for when and where fans can watch their favorite team, live, for every game. Whether it be on TV or streaming. Their next-generation digital sports guide is on a global expansion journey, and the USA is the latest destination. 

Their American launch means supplying their digital service to a complex, yet extensive, sport market with a revenue of 1,33 billion dollars in 2022. A landscape with many channels, leagues and regulations regarding viewership where streaming has increasingly become the most popular way of watching live sports. 

In 2021, about 57.5 million viewers in the U.S. watched digital live sports content at least once a month. This figure is projected to increase to more than 90 million by 2025 according to Statista, showing the potential for Ronin Sport’s digital service to increase the overall viewer experience of live sports on TV and streaming in the country. 

The growing interest in different types of sports events has created a huge demand for the American TV and streaming market in developing a better overall product for their sports fans. 

The US broadcasting market is in many ways complex to get a clear overview of since many of the major leagues have restrictions that come into play depending on where in the US the viewer is living. On NFL Sundays, for example, several games are played simultaneously which can be confusing for the fans to know which game they get to see. Ronin Sport has now developed a service that solves this problem. By simply adding the zip code as a parameter the user can easily find which games are shown on their local TV stations.

We have been working on this for some time now and are excited that we have a service up and running that covers the national networks and their local affiliate stations and helps solve the question of what games I can watch this weekend, says Jens Alén, CPO of Ronin Sport.

It all comes down to zip codes and there are a lot of them, around 40 000 in the US. Ronin Sport has worked hard on being able to develop a service that solves this problem. 

Ronin Sport’s digital service will cover 9 sports in over 400 channels in the USA, ensuring punctuality for sports fans and a solution for both organizations and streaming services in the chase for a shifting consumer base and a competitive advantage on the market. 

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About Ronin Sport

Ronin Sport is a digital service that collects and refines TV-related information into high-quality sport TV data that is offered as various customized products to Sports Betting operators, media companies, and affiliates.

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