Ronin Venture raises 8,5 MSEK

Ronin Venture raises 8,5 MSEK

Ronin Venture raises 8,5 MSEK in financing from a team of Seed investors. This is the second fund raising with external investors for Ronin Venture.

Ronin Venture AB operates with tvguide solutions for sport. These can be public via B2B partners, Sport media services, in iBetting services or via other platforms. Ronin has also launched consumer facing sport services in the US, Canada, India and Germany.

“Our own site for the US market,, now reaches over 250 000 monthly users”, says Jens Alén, CPO and one of the founders of the company. “We will now expand into more markets, and continue to build a tech platform that provides the most accurate sports tv data”

The new funds will be used for expansion into new markets, growth in present markets and to build a higher awareness in the B2B sector; iGaming and Sport media companies.

“This second round of funding will help us increase our growth in each market and expand into new markets at the same time. A TV guide may seem old school but the number of channels and streaming services are growing all the time and broadcasting rights are often local”, says Andreas Fredmark, CEO of Ronin Venture.

Jens Alén and Alexander Simeonidis started their first business in the digital sports industry back in 2004. They worked with web solutions and native apps. Their previous experience comes from expansion in the Nordic countries, UK and Germany.

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