Our Vision

The world leading provider of Sport TV-guides

Our Mission

Our mission is to help Sport related digital businesses be more successful and provide an excellent user experience for their end users.

Our Culture

We want to provide the most accurate information regarding live sports broadcasts on TV and stream. Data quality assurance and technical integrations to other platforms are what we work hard to deliver every day. We have the commercial understanding of the digital sport industry and have worked in and with industry sectors as iGaming, Media corporations, Affiliate businesses and other digital start-ups.

Every day we seek solutions so our services can provide a better user experience.

About Ronin Sport

We started our journey back in 2004 while studying at the University of Uppsala in Sweden. We felt that we often, between classes, discussed sport events and where they were being broadcasted on TV the upcoming weekend or what Champions League matches were being shown on TV during the week. So we came up with the idea to set up a site for precisely that, i.e. Live Sports sent on TV.

We first launched in Sweden. A couple of years later Denmark and then Norway. We realized the need for native apps for our visitors and soon launched apps for both iOS and Android. In 2017 our sites and apps  were acquired by a larger company and we stayed for a couple of years and during that time we launched sites and apps for the UK and German market.

Being self-employed again we started all over and wanted to provide TV guides for sports fans all over the world. During 2020 we built a new platform and launched our services in India and the US. We are continuously looking to expand our footprint around the globe. Both with media partners, iGaming operators or other entrepreneurs with related services in the Sports industry.

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